Scratch is a platform where you can make: games, quizzes and more! It’s really easy if you know what to do and that’s what i’m going to learn you!

First you need to make a scratch account and confirm your e-mail.

Then click on the create button and explore the characters and background, try to make the cat say something, with the blocks say “hello for 2 seconds”.

Then you want to make the “debug it assignments”:

If you don’t know how to make it you just look at the other projects!

If you make a project and share it: click the orange button share, then other people can see it, if you share enough projects you can make your own studio and put your projects in there!

Maybe if you watch some tutorials and try for a bit you can make your own game, I have made a taco clicker and it was really cool, with a couple of tutorials you can do it to!